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Few kind things to do in 2019


For decades, research has suggested that people with positive emotions may live longer and healthier lives. The most obvious benefit of kindness is that you make others feel good. And in making others feel good, you inspire them to want to do something kind for you or for someone else. When you commit a kind act, those around you will take note and your kindness can have a ripple effect. Start that ripple now by being kind to those around you.

Kindness is something we can all engage in, anytime and anywhere. Kindness is a choice. It doesn’t need to cost money. The purpose of kindness is to make a difference in someone else’s day. And kindness can indeed make a big difference.

Below are some of the kind acts we can practice to make this world a better place to live.

Write letters of appreciation to groups who are helping the community, environment, etc.

If you have any surplus books in good condition, consider offering them to your local library or a senior citizen’s centre.

The easiest way to spread kindness is to smile at the people you make eye contact with each day. At work, at home, when shopping, wherever you are. Family, friends, associates, strangers, anyone you make eye contact with.

Tell someone you love and appreciate them – and do it often.

Spend a few minutes going through your old photos, and send whatever you can part with to the people in the photos.

Donate blood, and encourage others to do so.

If you know someone who is having a hard time financially, pop a $5, $10 or $20 note in an envelope, disguise your writing or type the envelope, and post it to them. They will talk about it for weeks, remember it forever, and wonder who it was that sent it.

Give a friend or business associate a kind word, a small gift, or make them a cup of coffee, when they are on a downer.

Donate your extra pair of clothes / shoes / maybe few bucks to the homeless. It may not make any difference to you but for them it may be everything at that moment.

If you make a mistake, the best thing to do is own it, and take appropriate action.

Always keep a promise – ALWAYS!

Don’t be reluctant to say "Sorry." With practise it comes easily, and the habit will endear you to your loved ones and friends.

Plant trees to help offset the destruction of our forests.

Walk through a forest and enjoy the peace, the sights, the sounds, the aromas.

Stop blaming others.

Be the best role model you can be.

Say "Thank you" when you leave the check out, the bus, when someone holds open a door for you, at the theatre when you are given the ticket, and so on.

Do that thing that you have been putting off.

Smile and laugh more often.

Kindness, do it for love.